DIY Miniature Hobbiton Garden Tutorial from Craft Tuts here. This is an amazing tutorial (rated easy) that’s incredibly detailed, beautifully photographed with easy to follow directions. It includes all the steps to put together this mini garden including detailed instructions on soil, moss and plants. There are additional tutorials for:

  • Bilbo’s House made out of clay (with template) 
  • Bilbo’s Chimney made out of clay 
  • Mini Toadstools 
  • Clothesline with Little Hobbit Clothes made out of Washi tape


Lilly E Gray, June 6, 1881- Nov, 14, 1958. VICTIM OF THE BEAST 666

My roommate made these amazing Ouija boards for a gallery a couple weeks ago. Then we went up the grave yard with about 15 people and tried to scare each other until about 2:00 in the morning. Good times. ( things I’m doing instead of working on art)